La Palma Champions

Sunday, 26 April, 2015

Belasteguin- Lahoz invincible

Fernando Belasteguin and Willy Lahoz not give a rematch option Paquito Navarro and Matias Diaz. The world number one with his provisional couple returned to win his second consecutive championship showing their quality and superiority with other couples.

In the first set Bela and Willy began breaking serve Paquito and confirming the break with 2-0. Winning the network and efficiency flawlessly play led them to achieve the first set 6-2

In the beginning of the second set and Mati Paquito they saved three break points in Mati kick Diaz and got ahead 2-1. From here with a gesture of encouraging the stands Paquito Seville and Matias came up and broke the serve of Willy getting lead 3-1. Despite going 5-2 down Bela and Willy were seized on track without mistakes and very forcefully in his game the second set and took the match. (6 / 2-7 / 6)

Thus Bela and Willy get full from that couple formed by the injury of Pablo Lima in Barcelona. Two championships, no defeats and full of victories for a couple who very quickly is making history.

For his part Matías Diaz Paquito Navarro and continue on its upward line despite having lost three straight and consuming finals so far this season.