A final without Seville’s “special color”

Monday, 5 October, 2015

Fernando Belasteguin and Pablo Lima have showed once again that their game is one step ahead of the rest. The “predators” had no mercy with an unknown Juan Mieres and Sanyo Gutierrez and won with insulting superiority in 61 minutes to win their seventh consecutive championship this season.

The World Padel Tour ranking leaders won the Seville Open with a crushing 6/2, 6/0 and without losing a set in the whole tournament.

Mieres and Gutierrez couldn’t find the way to stop their “possessed” rivals.  It was not until the last game of the match that we could see some of Sanyo’s magic, some break balls and a timid reaction that never settled.

The first big strike came in the third game of the match with a consolidated break for the 3/1. From that point the domination only grew up. The strategy was very clear, Sanyo couldn’t play a ball and poor Juani was up and down like crazy with no formula to avoid the rival siege.

A new break in the key seventh game was enough to condemn the set.

The knockout punch came with the break to Sanyo’s serve in the first game of the second set. The recent Madrid Open champions never came back not even with the support of the fans in the stands. With very routine points and no lushness the final game lost color and everything got monotone.

The number ones are back more eager than ever. They remain undefeated; Belasteguin gets his 9th championship and Lima his seventh with his partner. The season is coming to an end and no one has been able to find an antidote for the “predators” game.

See you all again in 8 days at Vilagarcia de Arousa. Let’s see if the Galician witches can stop Bela and Lima.