Champions La Nucia Open

Monday, 24 August, 2015

A new triumph for Bela and Lima

This has been the most competed final between these two couples. Juan Martin Diaz and Maxi Sanchez had the third opportunity to defeat Bela and Lima in a final but this time didn’t work out again.

However the La Nucia Open final has been by far the most disputed between them. Juan and Maxi are progressing in their game and with a cheerful pavilion they were close to the “miracle” of winning the actual number ones.

A double 7/6 took back to reality to everyone who thought that nowadays this couple has a rival in the circuit.

Only in the second set, with an early break for Diaz-Sanchez, the couple could dream of at least forcing a third set.  

The Monte-Carlo Padel Master will be the next event on the calendar and everyone looks forward to seeing if someone can dethrone this couple that nowadays looks “invincible”.