Bela y Lima start to write their story

Monday, 8 June, 2015

June 7, 2015. This date will mark the start of the Bela-Lima era. The Argentine and Brazilian completed their first tournament together and took the title after beating in three sets Sanyo Gutierrez and Maxi Sanchez in the final of Rio Gallegos Argentina Open. It is the third title in four tournaments for Fernando Belasteguin, who continues to write pages of glory in the history of paddle.

Perhaps the shoulder of Lima is the reason why today we are not talking about the duos fourth title. That's something we'll never know, but what we can say is that it will be very difficult to knock down these two "wolves", hungry as they are for victories.

Again, as yesterday in the semifinals, they began giving the first set and then destroying their rivals in the next two (5/7, 6/2 and 6/2).

Bela again made a lot of unforced errors at the beginning of the game. But nevertheless neither couple had break options until the ninth game, when Sanyo and Maxi saved the first.

The tie break was close, but in the 12th game, in the only break option the “puntanos” had in the whole set, the break came to Limas serve.

But this blow of losing the first set in the last minute, beyond affecting the players emotionally, seemed to be the "vitamin" Bela and Lima needed to react.  The change came to their faces and character, turning them into two fearsome beasts.

It wasn’t strange that they broke Sanyos serve in the never ending first game of the second set and played with no cracks until a new break came in the 7th game with Maxi serving.

All was to be decided in the third set, as the final and the nearly 3000 spectators who gathered at the Boxing Club Pavilion deserved.

And at the very beginning of the deciding set, the trophy already had owners. Because again the No. 1 broke the serve of Sanyo Gutierrez in the first game with amazing ease and despite having saved a break ball in the fourth game, they showed no signs of fragility.

Lima continued as throughout the game holding the continued rally to his corner, strategy used by Maxi and Sanyo throughout the whole game , but were met with a wall because the Brazilian was immeasurable on defense.

As if it were a repetition of what happened in the second set, they returned to break Maxis serve in the seventh game. Was the last step to start celebrating the first title together, to see the euphoria of a excited Pablo Lima raised his arms to the sky and let a tear run recalling the support of his wife Paula in these hard months of recovery.

The story of Bela and Lima began in Argentinean territory and the future smiles to them.