Bela and Lima conquer their third consecutive title in Mallorca

Saturday, 18 July, 2015

The dream match that everyone awaited kept us in suspense for about 35 minutes, the time it took Fernando Belasteguin and Pablo Lima to awaken and literally destroy Juan Martin Diaz and Maxi Sanchez. With a final score of 6/4 and 6/0 the number one pair in the world took the trophy B The Travel Brand of the Estrella Damm Palma de Mallorca Open.

Leaving the final outcome and the different stages of the match aside, padel fans worldwide satisfied their expectations, the desire to see for the first time a match between Juan and Bela face to face. Although they had tried constantly to relieve the tension that existed over this duel, they realized they could not help it when they jumped to the court of Son Moix and found it packed of spectators.

The crowd shouted, cheered, applauded and had a great time inspired by the magic of the four players, but with the passing of the minutes everything began to disipate. The match had two very different phases, one that we were all enjoying until the eighth game of the first set and another completly different from there until the end.

Everything was very tactical and calculated during the first five games. The process was very slow and it took 27 minutes for Juan Martin and Maxi to get ahead 3-2.

The tension was increasing and reached its peak when Diaz-Sanchez managed to break Belasteguin's service in the sixth game. With 4-2 on the scoreboard, Maxi serving to consolidate the break, everything changed. Only 35 minutes of the match had passed.

Bela and Lima took advantage of the weak points of their rivals, calming their initial nervousness and immediately regained the match. Lima won his service and consolidated the 4-4 ... everything was equal again.

From then on the No. 1 were the owners of the match. They did not lose a single game from there on, crushing their rivals signing a 10-0 run and finally achieving their victory.

Juan Martin and Maxi failed to improve their situation, they were suddenly stunned and could not manage with their opponents winning streak and finished giving up. However, the first sensations for both should be good after reaching the final of the Palma de Mallorca tournament, where they have debuted as a team.

For Belasteguin and Lima it has been a step further, but a very important one, demonstrating that they are by far the best team of the circuit. The Argentine won his fifth consecutive title, the third in company of the Brazilian , and they still are unbeaten on the court since the beginning of the season.

We will see what happens within seven days in Andalusia, when the Cervezas Victoria Málaga Master will begin. See you all at the Costa del Sol!